From Day to Night: How to Transform Your Day Look for Any Event

From Day to Night: How to Transform Your Day Look for Any Event

When you’re constantly keeping up with your busy days, finding time to have fun once in a while can be a challenge. From back-to-back meetings to running errands after work, who has the time or the energy to run home and change into a suitable night look, before heading back out again? The mere thought of figuring out a whole new outfit to wear can often leave us to think, “do I really need to go to this party,” or “is this dinner date really worth my time?”

Our answer? Yes, and yes.

You deserve a little excitement! A chance to live it up with your friends and loved ones. You deserve the opportunity to feel beautiful and elegant.

Thankfully, you can do just that without making the painstaking effort of scouring your closet for something new to wear. With the right clothing items and a little ingenuity, you’ll be able to transform your day outfit into a night one, with little to no effort!

If you need a way to cut down the time it takes to get ready for a night on the town, look no further than our simple style guide.

Find a Sleek Dress

Finding the right canvas is the first step in piecing an outfit that will last you from morning till night. If you have plans after work and don’t want to go through the hassle of changing into something else, start your day with a dress. No need to mix and match different articles of clothing — a flattering dress is your easiest option. Why? As effortless looks go, a dress can make up your entire outfit!

It’s essential to consider the color and style of your dress before you head out the door. The key is to find something that you can elevate for a party or formal event with the right shoes and accessories. 

When in doubt, the revered little black dress never fails. Our Marseille Waterfall Dress is sleek and straightforward, elegant, and ridiculously comfortable. For a more casual look, you can pair it with a simple pair of flats or trainers. After work, simply step into a pair of heels, cinch your waist with a simple belt — just like that, you’re ready for a dinner party. Looking to make a major fashion statement? Don’t be afraid of color! By for our Rainbow Pocket Dress design, you’ll wow both coworkers and partygoers. 

Not into dresses? Or, looking for some quality American craftsmanship in the not-so-basics? Opt for a sleek Asymmetric Tank Top and a comfy pair of Capris Pants instead! This combination is simple and comfortable enough to get you through your entire day.

Layers Can Modify Your Look

Sometimes, adding or removing a layer from your ensemble is the easiest and most effective way to turn your day look into a night one. Layering is a useful trick that fashion gurus and working moms alike use to coordinate their outfits with the formality of their surroundings. Adding and removing layers is also an effective way to keep yourself comfortable, wherever you are.

Not quite ready to reveal your glamorous night look just yet? Dress it down and keep things casual with a jacket or cardigan. Bolero Jackets make a fabulous addition to any outfit, and they’re perfect for use as workplace blazers. Wear one over our Wild Frolic Tier Dress for a stylish day out. When your night begins, simply remove your jacket and re-accessorize.

Layering also works in the opposite direction. If you’re running errands under the summer sun, you’re likely going to wear a tank or short-sleeved top. But when it’s time to catch up with friends after sunset, showcase your inner artist and provide some light protection from the breezy night air with a vibrant Duster Coat

Use Makeup to Transform

Turning your day look into a night one isn’t only about your clothing. Don’t just consider your outfit from the neck down — your face needs a transformation too! During the day, subtle makeup is all you need to look flawless. But the dimmer the lighting, the more you’ll want to add a little drama to your look. 

Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you that you need to completely remove all the makeup you’ve applied in the morning. In fact, it only takes a few easy steps to bring a little glamor to that gorgeous mug of yours.

Going for a bold lipstick color or a shimmering lipgloss will add a sense of charm to your overall look. You should also feel free to play around with more vibrant eyeshadow colors. If you aren’t sure which color to paint with, aim for something that matches or compliments the boldest accent color of your outfit. Though, of course, no woman has ever been let down by a good smokey eye. If you’re looking for ideas, Laura Mercier’s super simple day-to-night makeup tutorial should do the trick. 

The Details Matter

We’ve touched on this previously, but the accessories you wear can make or break your outfit. After all, no work of art is complete without its final touches. Consider carefully what you decide to wear to work, and which jewelry pieces, shoes, belts, and purse you’ll be putting on for your after-work event. During the day, simple accessories work best. Sensible shoes, a sleek wristwatch, and a simple hair tie all work to elevate your look while keeping your outfit appropriate for the office. When it’s time to relax and socialize, the right necklace and earrings can turn your casual dress into a work of art that will turn heads.

Don’t forget, your bag is also an essential part of your look! There’s nothing wrong with carrying a large handbag or a tote if you need something to fit all of your daily essentials. At night, however, a small purse or a clutch is an easy way to vamp up your outfit. If switching out your bag takes up too much time, consider finding a high-grade leather tote that you can use, day or night.

See For Yourself

Once you’ve made it through a day with these tips, you won’t ever look back. Eventually, you’ll wonder why you ever rushed home or sought out a public bathroom just to change into a whole new outfit.

Is your wardrobe in need of more adaptable clothing that you can wear at any time of the day? Our versatile + unique + elegant + comfy clothing is made in the USA and will leave you looking flawless, anywhere you go.

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