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made with Love in LA
women's boutique clothing. khangura offers art to wear clothing for the creative women in the age group of forties, fifties and sixties plus. comfy clothing for ladies. funky clothes with sophistication. stylish online luxury clothing store.


cultivating a rich local economy
Khangura makes wearable art clothing for women. find your mix of cute dresses, fashionable tops and tunics, funky pants, upscale retro outfits. our designs are modern and sophisticated apparel for ladies from thirties to over sixties years old.


for creative women


The clothes we wear are extensions of who we are — a window into our personality. That's why, your looks are meant to be as alive and unique as you.

Ageless + Fun + Timeless

Tired of trying to find something that actually sparks inspiration?

Skip the cookie-cutter mall fashion, browse our one of a kind, art to wear collections. Select a few coordinating pieces to make a bold ensemble statement or mix and match according to how you feel.

Designs you won’t see anywhere else - our modern yet sophisticated, boutique style comfy clothing is made to order in limited quantities. You’re for sure to receive tons of compliments and love the feeling of being Exclusive + Rare.

Providing Jobs for the Community

Sustainable fashion is about more than protecting the environment. It’s also about contributing to our communities and doing our part to cultivate a rich local economy. When you purchase clothing from a local fashion company like Khangura, you’re doing your part to support our local workers and their families.

We believe in the power of
US-Made goods

Each piece is hand crafted with Love at our facility in Los Angeles