ShopKHANGURA - Our story - about us - Khangura Fashion Company was founded by Gary Khangura in the spring of 1988 in the magnificent city of San Francisco


Since March 1988


Why settle for something you don’t love? Chances are you have not discovered your favorite brand yet!

KHANGURA exists to change that!

We believe your wardrobe should be more than just everyday, everywhere, everybody. It should be an extension to your life. Your looks should be as alive as music, as unique as art.  You should feel the adventure, femininity and power at the same time.  Khangura is YOU, we’ve got you covered!

Khangura Company was founded in 1988 by Gary Khangura, in San Francisco where he dedicated his creative talent to the world of fashion.

Fast forward thirty-one years and we are still doing what we love – creating and manufacturing artsy, edgy, classy, comfortable clothing.

Whether you are planning for those exciting travels, attending the much-awaited special occasion brunch, just going for a stroll to the beach straight from the office, meeting up with your girl gang, or taking that lazy Saturday off to weave through the farmer’s market. You’ve got your looks covered!

It’s not about “just dressing up” but more so “living a life that is all you.” At Khangura we want to share the blissful experience of creating incredible, one of a kind designs for you that are comfortable + easy care. With Khangura you are set, you look stunning!

We believe in the power of
US-Made goods

Each piece is hand crafted at our studio in Los Angeles