Khangura art to wear dress with rainbow patch pockets. Funky yet classy dress so perfect for Spring. Khangura creates boutique style natural fiber clothing that is unique and comfy.
Khangura Artsy and comfy bomber top. Natural fiber linen top in multi color. Unique boutique style blouse. Edgy yet elegant fashion top.
Khangura pull on pants in black. Capri pants in textured natural fiber linen. Palazzo pants by Khangura boutique clothing company. Comfy pants USA made.
Rainbow Tier Tank top
Butterfly Top Dove-Slate
Rainbow Fun n' Frolic Pants
Khangura Tank top in black with a  V-neck comfy tank top made in USA. Belongs to Khangura, a brand of elegant womens clothing made in USA
Rainbow Exotic Pants
Diamond Scarf Dove-Gardenia
Rainbow Belted Top
Capri Pants Dove-Gardenia-Slate
Asymmetric Top - Gardenia
Khangura offers Artful yet comfy pull-on pants. Cute and colorful funky pants that sure adds fun to your day! Boutique clothing Made in the USA.
Diamond Scarf Slate-Canary