Locally Made, Artful Clothing That Makes a Difference

Locally Made, Artful Clothing That Makes a Difference


Unlike most American fashion brands, our clothing tags hold a pleasant surprise for our customers — you’ll see that all of our items were made right here in the USA. That’s right; our boutique-style comfy womens clothing is made in our own personal LA facility.

But what does that really mean for Khangura, and for You, our customer?

Our “made in the USA” tags speak to more than our patriotism. They represent all the good that comes from keeping production at home. At Khangura, we pride ourselves in aiding the fight against unethical clothing production standards, which are practiced worldwide.

Creating Sustainable Fashion

Today, fast fashion has become highly favorable — hundreds of brands offer cheap garments that allow buyers to speed through trends. At first, buying from big retailers like these make sense. Unfortunately, this business model currently makes up roughly 10% of global human carbon emissions.

The damage doesn’t end there. Each year, 85% of all textiles head straight to the dump. Why? Cheaper prices mean cheaper materials. Many of today’s retailers don’t make clothes that are meant to last. People are buying considerably more clothing items than they were ten years ago, but keeping them for half the time.

Today’s fashion world seems equally bleak from a human rights perspective. In a 2018 report, the Human Rights Watch described the inhumane work conditions and unfair wages that have been permitted by global apparel companies like H&M, Gap Inc, and Esprit, among others. American companies often hire third-party contractors outside of the US for the very same reasons — freedom from the rules and regulations that the US upholds for its workers.

Quality Control

Companies that produce their products off-shore have less control over their supply chain. There’s no telling whether the company’s quality standards are being upheld. Distance also means difficult communication, which could result in mistakes and reduced clothing quality.

Having a local manufacturing facility enables us to take a more hands-on approach in terms of overseeing production. We can handle any problems or concerns immediately, meaning the integrity of our product is never compromised.


Our products are trendy and long-lasting. Many of our art to wear pieces are made from breathable, natural fibers that are preshrunk and will keep their shape and last for years. Additionally, Khangura collections feature edgy yet elegant clothing crafted from durable European linen poly blends and newest innovations in man-made sustainable fabrics, for guaranteed comfort + easy care. No need to worry about tearing or shrinkage — they’ll serve you well next year, and the year after.

Upheld Labor Standards

Product quality control isn’t the only thing we’re concerned about when it comes to our California manufacturing facility. Unlike companies that use third-party facilities in other countries, we can ensure that our workers are protected and given fair compensation for their contributions. We understand and abide by workplace safety laws and the importance of treating our employees as important members of the Khangura family.

Waste Disposal Guidelines

There are no universal guidelines for proper waste disposal. Unfortunately, this means that countries with lax environmental laws are taken advantage of by negligent retailers. Fashion companies who manufacture their products in the US must dispose of their waste according to the guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

There’s No Doubting It

Our locally made art to wear clothing has a substantial edge over the other less-sustainable brands around today. Join The Fight Against Toxic Fashion. Shop our artsy + edgy + classy + comfy + unique clothing. The environment, your community, and your wardrobe will thank you for it. - GK