Khangura Shinbun Shawl Collar Short Jacket by Khangura. Unique Cropped Jacket Made in the USA. Japanese Newspaper Print Long Sleeve Cute Little Jacket in Fine jersey Knit.
Khangura Houndstooth Tweed Tank Top in Gray with a trimmed V-neck. Comfy tank top made in USA. Offered by Khangura, a brand of Unique clothing made in USA
High-End Black Boucle Pull-On Comfy Pants USA-Made. Long Black Fashion Pants by Khangura.
Khangura Red Bouclé Shrug Jacket by Shop Khangura. Elegant Crop Jacket. Artistic Cover-Up Short Open Jacket. High-End Cardigan jacket Made in the USA.
from $155.00
Khangura long Red Sweater in Comfy Boulce Made in USA. Red Long Sleeve Tunic Top with jewel neckline. Cozy Trendy Designer Tunic Top for Fall Winter 2020.
Khangura Long Black Pants. Bell Bottom Long Pants. Ultra Soft Jersey Knit Pull-On Comfy Panys USA-Made.
from $113.00
Khangura Red and Black Bouclé Tunic Top by Shop Khangura. Funky yet classic boutique style high-end womens Top. One of A kind, Artful and comfy top made in USA. Colorful Red and Black Long Sleeve Tunic Top for Womens of All Ages and Shapes from XS to 3X.
Khangura Sophisticated Yet Comfortable Pair of Pants Houndstooth Tweed. Elegant Clothing Made in USA Offered by Shop Khangura, A High-End Clothing Boutique. A Unique Collection of Fall Clothing.
Khangura Shinbun Long Sleeved Tunic. High quality, High end fashion Made in the USA.  comfy womens top by Shop Khangura. Fall Winter2020 Fashion Top.